Cardiff trying to avoid paying for the transfer of the deceased Sala: “preparing a lawsuit”

Кардифф пытается избежать выплаты за трансфер погибшего Салы: «готовит судебный иск»

Welsh club Cardiff city is planning to sue the French club Nantes, blaming him for negligence in the organization of flights emiliano Sala, which led to the death of football player

The British are trying to avoid paying £ 15 million for the failed transfer.

Recall that on 8 February it became known that the body recovered from the day the channel is owned by the Argentinian footballer emiliano Fat.

Кардифф пытается избежать выплаты за трансфер погибшего Салы: «готовит судебный иск»

Cardiff initiated an internal investigation to determine the circumstances of the disaster.

In particular, they are interested in why Nantes have made the organization of the flight at such a low level: the player was flying at night in bad weather on odetermine the plane. Not less conspicuous is the qualification of the 59-year-old pilot David Ibbotson. This pilot was not licensed to carry commercial traffic, and in his spare time he worked as an engineer-Gazovik.

President of Cardiff Mehmet Dalman has already found a loophole, which could significantly reduce the amount of the transfer. According to him, at the time of death of Fat was not stated for participation in matches of the English Premier League, and therefore his transfer was not finalized. This allows the club not to pay full price for the player.

In turn, the French party, when Bacon was still missing, was required to pay the first tranche in the amount of five millions sterling. Threatening legal action in case of default of terms of transaction.

Cardiff are waiting for sanctions from FIFA if the first tranche is completed.

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Кардифф пытается избежать выплаты за трансфер погибшего Салы: «готовит судебный иск»

Previously, we wrote about the fact that Cardiff city are in danger of being under sanctions by FIFA for failure to pay the transfer of the deceased Nantes striker emiliano Sala. The former club, the Argentine is still awaiting a translation of the first part of a tranche.

Cardiff is obliged to pay six million euros by the end of next week to avoid punishment the football Federation. Newspaper the Times reports that Nantes requires Cardiff to pay 17 million euros for the transition Sala.

This in Albion answer that will not pay out any funds until findings of an investigation into the death of Argentine soccer.

While it is not specified how FIFA plans to punish the Welsh club. It will be known if Cardiff until the end of next week will not pay six million euros as the first tranche.

Earlier, the father of the missing player made an emotional statement: “I can’t believe.”

As reported Politeka, the last message disappeared players of Cardiff have become prophetic: “God, how scary.”

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that the fans EN masse in support of the missing players: “More than a player”.

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