Car Deputy fired in Kiev: “pillar of flame caught on camera”

Авто депутата сгорело в Киеве: «столб пламени попал на камеру»

In Kiev burned the car of the Deputy

The staff concerned were published in the telegram-channel Kyiv INFO.

“The CPI is burning the car of the Deputy of the city Council Nazarenko,” reads the caption to the video.

Video came later on Monday evening, January 11.

We will note, the Deputy Vladimir Nazarenko had no immediate comment on the incident.

We will remind that in the night of 8 in Kiev unknown burned two cars. Details of the incident told the witnesses.

Авто депутата сгорело в Киеве: «столб пламени попал на камеру»

A fire broke out in the house №13 on the prospect of Unification. According to preliminary information, a group of young people ran to the car Park and threw a “Molotov cocktail” in the Toyota Land Cruiser. Incendiary devices ignited the car. And soon the flames spread to the Volkswagen, parked nearby.

On the scene promptly arrived the brigade fire service. Rescuers quickly eliminated the flames until it had time to spread to other machines. However, Toyota and Volkswagen were badly damaged, after which hardly can be repaired.

The owner of the Toyota told journalists that he has no enemies capable of such a revenge. And the Parking guard remembered: a few days ago, a similar fire occurred in Kiev the other Parking nearby.

Earlier in the night from 9 to 10 February unidentified burned six cars in Poltava. All the cars were standing in the courtyards of apartment buildings.

Information about the fire KIA cars in the alley fisherman came to the line “102” from the owner of the vehicle at about midnight on February 10. Unknown staged arson right wheel of his car. The fire was liquidated.

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Авто депутата сгорело в Киеве: «столб пламени попал на камеру»

About two o’clock in the alley fishing fire occurred on the left wheel of the car “GAZel”, and about three in the morning completely burned down Fiat in the same lane. Around 3:45 at St. Churaivny fire occurred on the front of the car Daewoo, and about 5:30 on the Boulevard Khmelnitskogo lit up Volkswagen and Skoda, he told police.

We will remind, about the purchase of cars via the Internet: a new trend and breaking records.

As reported Politeka, it became known about the registration of cars in 2018: how to change the rules and rates.

Also Politeka wrote that in Ukraine introduced new rules for car sales: what to prepare drivers.

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