Car broke through a checkpoint at Ben Gurion Airport, panic in terminal number 3

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 Car broke through checkpoint at Ben Gurion Airport, panic in terminal 3 


 br /> Those in the car tried to escape by leaving the car. One of them is slightly injured.<br /> <center></p>
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רכב פרץ את המחסום של נתב"ג מהכביש המהיר. הרכב נעצר בכביש לכיוון טרמינל 3. האירוע הסתיים במעצר נוסעי הרכב. האירוע מתוחקר

— חדשות המוקד (@hamoked_il) December 4, 2022

The car stopped on the road towards Terminal 3, and two passengers, who apparently stole the car, were arrested and taken in for questioning.

ordered to lie on the floor and not move – one of them said: “A terrible incident, everyone was lying on the floor. Many children screamed in fear.”

After a while activity on the field returned to normal. The police said that the term of detention of an Arab who entered Israel without permission through a gap in the fence will be extended in court in accordance with the results of the investigation.

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