Cannabis to 21 years of age: Trudeau had reservations on the plan of the CAQ

Cannabis à 21 ans: Trudeau a des réserves sur le plan de la CAQ

YEREVAN, Armenia – The prime minister Justin Trudeau has expressed reservations as to the intention of the government of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) from 18 to 21 years old the legal age to consume cannabis.

In his opinion, this more restrictive approach will leave a large segment of the population between the claws of organized crime, and thus could somewhat counteract the spirit of the federal law.

“If we eliminate the segment of the population between 18 and 19 years and 21 years, which is a population that is often at the university, often in places where they will try to eat, it keeps a large segment of potential consumers to the black market”, a-t-he presentation Saturday at a press conference in Yerevan, Armenia.

However, one of the fundamental objectives of the legalization of cannabis is precisely to move from the illegal market to the legal market the sale of the substance, he recalled a few days of the entry into force of the law, the 17 October. “It’s just a little bit infringing upon our ability to counter organized crime,” pleaded Justin Trudeau to the side of his vis-à-vis armenia Nikol Pashinyan.

The prime minister has expressed her understanding of the people who would like to prohibit the consumption before the age of 25 years since the cannabis has an impact on the development of the brain until that age. But “it would maintain a black market”, and it is for this reason that “we believe that setting the legal drinking age to the age of consumption of alcohol, it is a compromise that looks great”, he offered.

Under federal law, the legal age was set at 18 years, but the provinces and territories have the flexibility to make adjustments to this plan – the first minister Trudeau had personally agreed with the principle of allowing the consumption of cannabis from a minimum age of 18 years.

The designated prime minister François Legault has promised before and during the election campaign to allow legal consumption only from 21 years. One of its deputies re-elected, Genevieve Guilbault, reiterated this ambition caquiste in warning that there would be a period of transition.

On the side of Yerevan, on Saturday, Justin Trudeau has not wanted to engage in a quarrel with his new partner provincial. “The government of the CAQ has not even established its council of ministers, therefore (there are) a lot of decisions to make, he indicated. We’ll share our perspective on it (…) and we have the conversations necessary at the time and place.”

The canadian prime minister, returned Saturday evening from a trip of a little more than three days in Armenia, two of which passed the summit of the Francophonie. The days have been long, and the return flight to Ottawa will be as well. But it will not have too much respite, since the D-day, that of legalization, is fast approaching.

Quebecers aged 18 to 21 years will be able to cannabis in Quebec during a period of a few weeks, starting next Wednesday.

The mp caquiste re-elected Geneviève Guilbault explained, two days after the electoral victory of the CAQ, that there will be “a period where one should be legally enforced, the law would have been adopted by the previous government”, and therefore, a “period of transition (…) where it is legally impossible to change the law because we need to sit in the national Assembly”.

The CAQ did not want to respond in the immediate future, with the reservations that was expressed Justin Trudeau since the Armenian capital.

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