Cannabis: the SME question

Cannabis: les PME se questionnent

The questions remain numerous for entrepreneurs and managers of businesses with a week of the legalization of cannabis, 17 October. The Chamber of commerce and industry Lac-Saint-Jean-est, allowed, Thursday, to a quarantine of its members to shed light on this legalization, which will be more of a headache for some.

The lawyer Jean-Sébastien Bergeron, who has been practicing at Simard Boivin Lemieux, anticipates a big change. It refers, in particular, with disputes expected over the next several years. “These are laws that lead to changes in the municipal world, in terms of criminal and penal law, in the development of the urban planning and housing authority “, explain to Me Bergeron.

Who practice since 2001 has been presented to the members of the Chamber of commerce and industry, Lac-St-Jean-Is the differences and subtleties between the federal law and provincial law. He cites as an example the right to cultivate plants is permitted in the federal act and its prohibition at the provincial level.

Jean-Sébastien Bergeron has several tips for employers, including the creation or modification of policies for the possession and consumption of alcohol. “It is high time to adopt one, regardless of the size, scope or type of your business. Often, we think that it does not concern us because we have good employees. Unfortunately, it can happen tomorrow, in a year or in 10 years, ” he explains.

He pointed out that all employers have the obligation to protect the health, safety and the integrity of their employees. This means ” they must be pro active in order to avoid that an employee is injured or causes injury to other employees while he makes use of cannabis “.

In contrast, the screening tests should be done in the suite of reasonable grounds through reasonable measures and proportional. The process will be greatly facilitated if it is included in a policy of consumption of alcohol, drugs, including cannabis, and other substances.

According to Me Jean-Sébastien Bergeron, he will have to wait between 10 and 20 years before they master truly to the application and interpretation of the law.

A few days of the legalisation of cannabis, the director general of the BCC, Kathleen Voyer, confirms the need to inform and the many questions from the members. “Larger enterprises have often done business with the professionals that surround them. SMES have more questions surrounding this new law. We also feel different needs, and different issues according to the specialties of the companies. The jobs related to the transportation are at the root of concerns “, she explains.

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