Candlemas candle: what symbolizes and what is this amulet protects

Стрітенська свічка: що символізує та від чого захищає цей оберіг

15 February – Candlemas

Every year, believers celebrate the feast of the presentation. 15 Feb a fixture needs to be Candlemas candle. Read on and find out all about the use of this talisman.

In the Presentation in the temples, it is customary to bless candles, which are also called “granichnymi”. They have very great power and protect the dwelling of the faithful from bad weather and evil spirits. When the outside is raging thunderstorm – usually light Candlemas candles and put them in front of the icons, in order to protect themselves and the economy from the thunder. Once this candle was given into the hands of those who were dying, to ease the agony of death.

15 February feast of the Presentation of the Lord, in the temple before the beginning of the divine Liturgy blessing of candles. Candlemas candles differ from those candles which are blessed in any other period of the year.

What is a symbol of Candlemas candle

The candle is your little sacrifices to God, and the light of the candle symbolizes the fire of your faith. As part of any Church Candles includes:

  • the oil, which symbolizes the divine mercy to people
  • beeswaxsymbolizing the sweetness of communion with God
  • the softness of the wax expresses a person’s willingness to submit his will to God

The effectiveness of the Sretensky candles is justified. Church practice shows that any prayer to Lord Jesus, mother of God, or the Holy, ignition and combustion of the Sretensky candles has a special beneficial effect, and if accompanied by a sincere faith prayer leads to rapid execution than I am asking.

Стрітенська свічка: що символізує та від чого захищає цей оберіг

What protects the Candlemas candle

Candlemas candle, like any Church, the candle is meant purely only for kindling it into prayer time. Usually Candlemas candles are lit only for special occasions:

  • when we pray in solving important problems in life (choosing life partner, choosing a career, applying for a job, buying houses, cars, etc.)
  • when we are overcome by the disease
  • when sorrow and sadness
  • with the obvious action of demonic forces into human

Church candles are blessed and dedicated to God, and therefore has to go only to God, and therefore no Church candles include midwives, healers and sorcerers, it is sacrilege and blasphemy against the Holy places, and, in the end, lead to absolutely opposite result.

Any Church candle – a sacrifice to God, and therefore, the candle is a prayer: “Take, Lord, this sacrifice for Thy servants (name who put).” If the candle is any Saint, then pray: “Holy Saint of God (name) pray to God for me (or us and list names)”.

Those stubs which remain after kindling the candle can not be thrown out, they need to bring to the Church to be melted down.

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