Candlemas 2020: history, traditions and superstitions in a holiday on February 15

Стрітення Господнє 2020: історія, традиції і прикмети у свято 15 лютого

Candlemas is celebrated on February 15

On 15 February, 40 days after Christmas, Orthodox believers celebrate presentation of the Lord. It is a Christian holiday symbolizes the meeting of the old and New Covenants and events of Jesus to the world. The people Meet consider meeting winter and spring. Tell the story and signs of this holiday.

Candlemas is one of the biggest holidays of the year. The name of the holiday from the old Slavic language means “meeting” or “joy.” Of course, such name not casually: on the fortieth day after the birth of Jesus, which is now celebrated Candlemas, the virgin Mary brought him to the temple in Jerusalem for the dedication. There simoleon the righteous and the prophetess Anna recognized the baby in a new Messiah.

The history of the celebration of the presentation goes back to pagan times. Officially in all of the Byzantine Empire, this day was declared holiday in the year 542 the Emperor Justinian.

History Of The Visitation

Ukrainians celebrate Candlemas a long time. This holiday is also called Strichen, Strident, Gromnica or Samobor. According to the folklore, on Candlemas winter meets spring, and they argue among themselves. The winner of the dispute remain hosting on Earth. Also, it was believed that February 15 is the one day in the winter can break out the thunder.

With the advent of Christianity the Presentation has taken on additional importance. The Scripture says that when the virgin Mary brought to the temple in Jerusalem of Jesus, Holy man named Simeon, whom the Lord predicted that he will not leave this world until I see the Lord’s Christ, found in the baby Savior. Thus Jesus as the Messiah first appeared to the world.

Стрітення Господнє 2020: історія, традиції і прикмети у свято 15 лютого


The traditions and customs of Candlemas 2020

In the Presentation in the temples, it is customary to bless candles, which are also called “granichnymi”. They have very great power and protect the dwelling of the faithful from bad weather and evil spirits. When the outside is raging thunderstorm – usually light Candlemas candles and put them in front of the icons, in order to protect themselves and the economy from the thunder. Once this candle was given into the hands of those who were dying, to ease the agony of death.

In some regions of Ukraine on Candlemas also sanctify the water, which has the same miraculous properties as Jordan. By the way, it is recommended to gain Sretensky water in new – not a used vessel.

Signs of people to meet

On Candlemas, people have long been closely watching nature, because in this day you can determine when to expect the spring and what will eventually be a harvest.

Other signs to Meet 2020:

  • Thaw – wait for the late spring and take care of Pasha and bread, because the field will leave soon.
  • The wind is on Candlemas to harvest fruit trees.
  • As the Presentation got under the eaves the icicles, there will be good harvest of corn.
  • When Gromits cock will drink water, it Yuri the ox will eat grass.
  • If this day not seen the sun – expect strict frost.
  • If on the night of February 15, the sky will be the star, be winter for a long time.
  • If on the trees the frost – give birth to well-buckwheat and potatoes. Day of the Blizzard the road in Seine – spring is late and cold.

Стрітення Господнє 2020: історія, традиції і прикмети у свято 15 лютого

Signs on Candlemas

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