Canada: Nazi criminal died before deportation

Canada: Nazi criminal died without waiting for deportation

In Canada, at the age of 98, Helmut Oberlander, a former Nazi who served as an interpreter in the Einsatzkommando 10a unit, died in Canada.

Oberlander , who was born in Ukraine, left peacefully, in the bosom of his family, and did not wait for deportation from Canada for his crimes in the past.

For many years, the trial in Canada dragged on and questions were raised about the deportation of Oberlander because of his the Nazi past, which he hid when he moved. The ex-Nazi's lawyer demanded to postpone the hearing because his ward was ill.

The B & # 39; nai Brith Canada fought for the deportation of Oberlander for many years.

& quot; Peaceful death of Helmut Oberlander Canadian soil is a stain on our national conscience, '' said Michael Mostin, CEO of the organization.

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