Can you believe that 2 days at Wellfest can change your life?

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 Can you believe that 2 days at Wellfest can change your life?

To be honest, it's definitely not what I expected. In fact, I didn't really expect that. But a week ago, the most transformative experience of my life happened. It feels like I have thrown off all the stones from my soul that I have been pulling all my life. And it all started with the usual announcement of a beach festival of a healthy lifestyle and health of the body and spirit. Such an event instantly interested me, because for the second month I felt the insane burden of everyday problems, discord in my personal life and burnout in my once beloved business. Of course, it seemed to me that yoga, breathing and practices and meditation could at least slightly alleviate my then condition.

 Can you believe that 2 days at Wellfest can change your life?< /p>I went to the sea, new new experiences, acquaintances and just spend a couple of days with pleasure in a new place, and came to my place — Real. I stayed at the Nachsholim Beach Hotel, in a cozy room with a swimming pool, all amenities, and most importantly — with breathtaking views of the azure lagoon and breathtaking sunsets.

 Can you believe that 2 days at Wellfest can change your life?< /p>During my stay there, I managed to attend several seminars, listen to wonderful music, enjoy delicious food, attend relaxing massages and learn what sound healing is. And how many things I have not yet been able to see, try and do… Two days wasn't enough, so I'm already making plans to attend the next — yoga and breathing retreat at Ein Gedi 29-31.12. I'm sure it will be a truly magical ending to 2022 — in the heart of a picturesque nature reserve, between the silence of the boundless Judean Desert and the natural wonder of the Dead Sea. The same retreats will take place on 21-25.12 in North Cyprus in a luxurious 5-star hotel on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Iglez, surrounded on all sides by vineyards and wonderful to the smallest detail for a perfect holiday. There you can enjoy guided wine tours and tastings, visit a unique wine spa with an exclusive wine bath, and, of course, learn the art of yoga. Also yoga and wellness retreat will be held on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand 09.02-19.02.23. The atmosphere of the resort creates all the conditions for yoga and health improvement — starting with organic products, quiet and peaceful design connected with nature, yoga studio, detox center, lounges with mesmerizing views, meditations, swimming pool and much more. Participants will engage in guided meditation and mindfulness, talk about yoga philosophy and Eastern culture, eat nutritious and healthy food that will fill us with renewed and healing energy, and enjoy breathtaking sunsets and clear water.
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