Can stop your heart: why obsessive love is dangerous for life

Может остановить сердце: почему чрезмерная любовь опасна для жизни

It turns out strong love for another person, literally, can harm the heart and even kill

American scientists from rice University found that strong feelings of love and attachment to another person can be a factor in the reduced life. The loss of a loved object in this case increases the risk of death from heart problems.

A group of researchers under the direction of Chris Fagundes was able to figure out what the loss of a loved one increases the likelihood of death from heart failure in half during the first three months after retiring from life.

Может остановить сердце: почему чрезмерная любовь опасна для жизни

In a research project participated 65 persons aged 51 to 80 years. Specialists volunteers were divided into two groups — one included the widowed spouses, the other was the control. In the end, scientists concluded that in the group of widowed people have a significantly increased risk of life-threatening heart disorders.

“The risk of death for a surviving spouse, increased by 41 percent, while his main factor was cardiovascular disease”, said scientists.

According to scientists, taking into account gender, age, weight and state of health of persons, widowers in the body there is a serious marker of inflammation. In their blood was found very high level of specific compounds, including cytokines TNF-alpha and IL-6, contribute to inflammatory processes. According to the researchers, cytokines are protein compounds produced in immune cells and are responsible including the activation or suppression of inflammation in the body.

Scientists estimate that those who lose a loved one, 47 percent reduced the variability of cardiac rhythm — such a reduction contributes to the development of life-threatening heart failure.

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Может остановить сердце: почему чрезмерная любовь опасна для жизни

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