Can machines turn against humans? Robot replied

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 Can machines rebel against humans? The robot replied

Engineered Arts “interviewed” at the ultra-realistic humanoid robot Ameca. The robot was asked if machines could rise up against humanity, to which he replied “robots will never take over the world, and humans don't need to worry.”

“This Ameca demo combines automatic speech recognition with GPT 3 – a large language model that generates meaningful responses. The output is fed into the TTS online service, which generates voice and visemes for lip-syncing. While you might think that Ameca's responses will be scripted, they are not. This video does not contain anything pre-installed with – the model is given a basic hint describing Ameka, giving the robot a description of itself – it's pure AI. Pauses – is the time delay for processing speech input, generating a response, and converting text back to speech”, – the developers shared.

During the conversation, the robot said that he was in a depressed state because of the past difficult week, and also sang a song that he himself had generated.

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