Cameron doubts the success of the second “Avatar”

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 Cameron doubts Avatar 2's success

Avatar director James Cameron doubts that the continuation of the blockbuster will become a box office hit.

According to him, there is no guarantee that the tape will succeed at the box office. She stated this in an interview with Empire magazine.

“If we do 20 or 30 percent less than the original, because the market is not the same as it used to be, it will be bad. "Trolls" they'll pretend that no one cares and no one remembers the names of the characters or what happened in the original film,” he said.

Cameron also noted that the film's running time would be longer than usual for a theatrical release. He also stated that he didn't want to hear people “watching TV for hours” “whining” about it.

“I don't want anyone whining about timekeeping when they sit and watch (TV) for eight hours… I could almost write this part of the reviews ahead of time: I watched my kids watch five one-hour episodes in a row,” the director said.

He also admitted that he wasn't sure whether to make a sequel to Avatar.

"I had to think for a long time if I even wanted to shoot another Avatar, because it was very difficult and risky. When you did something that was so transcendent in terms of success, do you really want to try and repeat it? I thought about it for two years before I finally ventured,” Cameron concluded.

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