Called the percentage of Russians approve Putin’s activity

How many people agree with the political course.

The Russian Levada-center followed by VTsIOM has published on its website a survey on the attitude of citizens towards institutions. The study showed that the activities of President Vladimir Putin approves 66% of respondents, reports the with reference to Capital.

This figure, compared with January rose by 2% compared to may 2018 fell 13% (from 79%). Do not approve of the Russian President 32%. It is clarified that the respondents asked the question wording: “do You generally approve or disapprove of the activities of Vladimir Putin as President of Russia?”.

According to the survey, the activities of the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approves 33% of respondents, the government — 42%, state Duma of 38%.

May 24, VTSIOM published the survey, which showed that the proportion of those who trust the President of the Russians amounted to 31.7%. Respondents were asked an open-ended question asked them to name some politicians who they trust the most. Approving the activities of the President said 65,8%. In this case, the question was asked about how people rate the work of Putin’s presidency.

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Before commenting on these results, the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that there are many different ratings, including electoral, who moved to growth. In this regard, the Kremlin asked from sociologists analyze how correlated the data. Later on the VTsIOM website has a new section with the updated methodology of measurement — the respondents were directly interested in, do they trust politicians, naming specific names. To the question about trust to Putin this evaluation method responded positively 72,3% of the respondents.

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