Called the norm of sugar, which should not exceed

Experts from the US said that for people leading an active lifestyle, the presence in the diet of sugar is necessary because it is important for brain glucose. They also called the rate of sugar that should not be exceeded.

According to scientists, in those cases when a person is physically active, performs a lot of muscle works and moves, the average rate of sugar — 80 grams a day. Separately, the experts noted that this number includes not only sugar itself, but all products containing any confectionery.

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Experts spoke about the fact that the total renunciation of sugar may not be the most healthy solution, since glucose is required to fuel muscle system and the human brain.

“Sweet tea has only a positive effect upon fatigue, nervous tension, headaches” — elaborated on them.

At the same time, doctors stressed that eating sugar is justified in the absence of serious health problems and weight and with mandatory physical activity. People with overweight sugar-containing foods should be consumed metered.

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“Excess sugar provokes an increase in cholesterol, especially in the elderly. Because of this, there may be problems with the heart and blood vessels, and diabetes,” warned the doctors.

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