Called the eight beneficial properties of mandarins health

Valuable information for those who do not eat tangerines.

Названі вісім корисних властивостей мандаринів для здоров&#039я

December can be called “tangerine” month, because now the shelves of all the stores are inundated with diverse varieties of these bright orange fruits, the smell of which cause such Association, as the approaching New year, reports Rus.Media.

Few people know that tangerines contain a lot of unique substances, due to which have healing properties. Nutritionists recommend as often as possible to eat tangerines because they have: carotene, ascorbic acid, vitamin C, B6, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, potassium, phosphorus and other useful minerals. Besides, in 100 g tangerines only 53 calories.

Eight beneficial properties of mandarins for health:

Strengthens immunity and protects from cancer. Vitamin C does not allow to form carcinogenic compounds, develops in cancer cells, thereby strengthening the immune system and enhances the protective function of the body. The use of tangerine juice is a great method of prevention of liver cancer.

Cleans the blood vessels from excess cholesterol. But it is only in the case that there is a tangerine along with white membrane, which is usually removed from the slices. Due to this properties ensures a reliable protection against diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Reduces the level of glucose in the blood. Due to this, the type II diabetes the person who use this kind of citrus fruit, not threatened.

Improves vision and cares about the health of the eye. A sufficient amount of vitamin A in Mandarin the best way to affect vision and eyes.

Improves the blood. Tangerines are rich in iron and this is enough to ensure that the person was not anemic.

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Prevents obesity. As substances of Mandarin do not allow cholesterol to be absorbed in the walls of blood vessels as well as glucose, a person can rapidly gain weight.

Calms the nerves. Magnesium and vitamin B6, an excellent job with the function of maintaining the nervous system in good condition, in spite of the stress.

Care of teeth and bones, making them more durable.

As you can see, the list of beneficial properties of mandarins is quite wide, therefore, doctors advise to eat as often as possible these fruits with an extraordinary aroma and an incomparable taste.

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