Called optimal dose of sugar for a healthy person

Названа оптимальная доза сахара для здорового человека

Usually exceeds norm three times.

Daily, be used 20 grams of sugar. In reality, this norm mostly exceeded, as the sugar eaten together with other foods, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

Nutritionist Elena Solomatina said that scientifically sound intake of sugar for an adult is about 20 grams — no more than 6 teaspoons a day. At first glance, this amount of sugar is not so little. But according to nutritionist, the bitter truth is that today an adult receives an average of three times more sugar than is needed physiologically.

“It is desirable to use not more than 20 grams. But we do this sugar is consumed everywhere: in sauce, in mayonnaise, sausage. Milk contains lactose, a milk sugar. Fruit. Sugar everywhere,” he said.

Elena Solomatina said that if the background of your usual diet person adds sugar to food or drinks, there is no doubt that his daily sugar rate will be exceeded.

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“Adding to tea or coffee, two teaspoons, together with them you will learn a third norm,” warned nutritionist.

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