Called harmful products that have passed the maximum processing

Названы вредные продукты, которые прошли максимальную обработку

The most life-threatening products if they have received maximum treatment.

A group of scientists from the USA, Brazil and Spain conducted a study and found out which foods contribute to diseases of the cardiovascular system and increase the risk of premature death, reports the with reference to

According to experts, the most harmful is food with a high degree of processing. It is the food passed through several stages of industrial impact and contain a lot of sugar, dyes, flavors, fats and salt.

Experts compared data about diet and health 105 thousand volunteers, and then for 10 years tracked their condition.

It turned out that consumption of products with high degree of processing of 11-13% increases the risk of development of diseases of vessels and heart.

In addition, the use of more than four servings of such foods per day to 62% increases the risk of premature death. And one serving is 18%.

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The scientists recommended that to reduce the consumption of bakery products, convenience foods, carbonated beverages, corn flakes, restored fish and meat products.

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