Called diet helps in combating depression

Названа диета, помогающая в борьбе с депрессией

Choosing a diet, most think about losing weight and stay in Japanese or buckwheat diet.

The Dukan diet and fashionable kettiya earned the reputation of ways to lose weight for lovers of delicious food and meat. Interval fasting allows you to change the menu and go to the goal of reducing weight and not sticking to the usual diet. At the same time, nutritionists note that not all diet for weight loss healthy. However there is one diet that allows you to maintain a normal weight and take care of the health of the whole organism, Mediterranean, reports the with reference to NV.

The Mediterranean diet is the type of food, which is not saying a word followed by inhabitants of the Mediterranean region. Their diet includes whole grains, nuts, olive oil, plenty of vegetables, fruits, legumes and moderate amounts of fish, poultry, meat products and alcohol. It’s not even so much a diet as a way of life that has long been known as the most beneficial for the heart, one of the best for longevity and reduce the risk of cancer.

Recent studies have shown that this food helps to counteract and cognitive decline in the elderly.

In cross-over study Greek open University, lead author Konstantinos Argyropoulos and his colleagues watched a group of elderly people in the nursing home for the elderly in East Attica. 34% of participants reported a high adherence to the Mediterranean diet, and 64% percent on average. The screening recorded the manifestation of symptoms of depression almost 25% of participants.

The team found that increased consumption of vegetables in each group was associated with a reduced risk of depression by 20%. In addition, reducing the consumption of poultry and alcohol consumption in the groups was associated with lower likelihood of depression by 36.1% and 28%, respectively.

“Our findings confirm that depression in the elderly is a widespread phenomenon that is closely associated with multiple risk factors,” concluded the authors. — “Adherence to the Mediterranean diet may protect against the development of symptoms of depression in the elderly”. At the same time, according to the authors, the study does not prove causation, after all, it may be a reflection of the fact that people with depression harder to follow a healthy diet.

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders. It is characterized by such symptoms as loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt and low self-esteem, sleep disturbances, appetite, lethargy and poor concentration. At the same time, scientists note that the cases of depression that occur after 55 or 60 years old, differ from those that occur at a younger age.

“Depression later age is not associated with a family history, and approximately half of the cases is the first sign of dementia” — said mark D. REGO, associate Professor of clinical psychiatry Department at the Medical school of Yale University. He suggested that the benefits of the Mediterranean diet from depression at a later age may be associated with its influence on the health of blood vessels. This means that in the prevention of such conditions will help proper nutrition.

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In other words, to learn what happiness in adulthood, you need to go on the Mediterranean diet as early as possible.

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