Called another advantage of keeping Pets

It turned out that Pets strengthen children’s immunity.

Numerous scientific studies suggests that Pets in the home have a beneficial effect on human health, reports the with reference to PolitekA.

The children growing up with Pets are less likely to occur allergies. To such conclusion in his study of Swedish scientists.

“Earlier Pets were considered a risk factor in the development of Allergy,” write researchers from the University of Gothenburg.

“The fact that animals, especially in the first months of a child’s life, prevent further allergies in children, revealed in his research by other scholars, — the author notes Sarah Raym. Scientists attribute this to the fact that the development of the immune system depends largely on the early contact of the body with contamination and bacteria”.

Swedish scientists have also studied the role in the protective effect has a number of Pets. To do this, they analyzed the two studies, one of which was attended by 1029 children aged 7-8 years.

“According to the analysis, 49% of the children who grew up without Pets, have been identified such allergic reactions as asthma, allergic rhinitis and eczema. In families which contained four animals, and Allergy was found only in 28% of children. Analysis of another study involving 249 children led to similar conclusions,” the article says.

However, notes Raym, German experts cautious in assessing the results of the study. So, according to Suzanne Lau of Charite clinic in Berlin, its role could play and other factors.

“Families with several animals, may be lead a different way of life compared to families that do not own Pets,” suggests the expert.

According to Dennis, Ownby, Professor of immunology and Allergology, the relationship between Pets and allergies need to be explored in further research.

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“It is important, in his opinion, the question is whether on the basis of such insights to develop, for example, dietary Supplements, probiotics that are due to the interaction of the human and animal micro-organisms would prevent the development of allergic reactions”.

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