Called an unusual cause of orange colored tigers

Названа необычная причина оранжевого цвета тигров

Animals see the tigers not in the same color as the people.

It seems that to get around the woods trying to sneak up to prey, the tiger – its bright red with black stripes the hard way – quite difficult, according to the with reference to Esoreiter.

As the beast manages to merge with the environment and closer to the required distance to his victim? It turns out that red fur – a camouflage of a predator, though this statement sounds illogical. And all because we humans can see red, blue and green. Not so in the animal Kingdom.

A recent study by British scientists showed that the reindeer is the main prey of tigers is able to see only blue and green colors, making them color blind towards red. So the deer see green tigers on green jungle background.

Who led the group of researchers Dr. John fennel has also decided to conduct an experiment with people. The participants showed a number of images and some background for the red objects served British green forest on the other — semi-arid desert land in Spain. The results confirmed the assumptions of scientists (and who would doubt?). People are struggling to see a tiger in the wilderness and well — on the background of green forest. For deer with their diplomaticheskii vision (unlike trichromatism, which has people) predator equally as merges with the desert and the forest.

Названа необычная причина оранжевого цвета тигров

Raises an interesting question: why tigers living in the woods, in the course of evolution has not changed its color to green? Fennel and his team say that it would require huge changes in the biochemistry of mammals. Red color is the result of the presence of animal hair chemicals pheomelanin. Living on our planet tigers have different shades of the same color that shows the regional differences in the amount of pheomelanin produced by each kind of tiger.

Then let us ask another interesting question: if the tigers seem to be deer green, why not to develop trichromatic vision, which certainly would increase their survivability? British scientists have no answer to this question. Perhaps nature is not interested in the fact that the deer is well seen tigers, or violated the process of natural selection and conservation of populations of predators and their victims.

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Although this study concerned only the tigers and deer, the similar situation is observed in some other animals, for example leopards and deer that perfectly demonstrates the video below.

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