Call the exorcist! The Internet is a hype because of the performances of “Black Lenin” in Donetsk

Network funny videos the performances of the supporter “DNR” in honor of the anniversary of the October revolution in Donetsk.

The frames on the page in Facebook published blogger Sergey Zaporozhye.

Male heart-rending voice talked about the Bolsheviks and proletarians. The network noted that is called the supporter “DNR”, “Black Lenin”.

“The homeland against it criminal case, and he spent several months in the Riga Central prison on charges of incitement to violent change of the constitutional system of Latvia (the so treated was expressed in Donetsk calls for the restoration of the USSR). Then it was released under the supervision of the security police. For the new year, taking advantage of the weakening of the attention of the police, “Black Lenin” fled the country”, — says Vitalii Didukh in Facebook.

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“I am confident that Ukraine should not discuss a peacekeeping mission for ORDO, and medical. This territory must consist of several battalions of the best psychiatrists in the world. The work will be long and difficult,” wrote Zaporizhia.

“In Donetsk, opened the second part of the film “the Exorcist.” Really terrible for the people who live there”, — said the journalist Denis Kazan.

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