California governor's wife accuses Weinstein of rape

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 California governor's wife accused Weinstein of rape

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The wife of California Governor Jennifer Siebel Newsom accused Harvey Weinstein, who is serving time in prison, of rape. The documentary filmmaker made the corresponding statement while testifying in the Los Angeles Supreme Court. According to the woman, this happened in 2005, when she was trying to build a career as a producer and actress. Newsom met Weinstein at the Toronto Film Festival when she was 31. Then she played several small roles in film and television. She claims Weinstein invited her to meet him at The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. She thought it would be a business meeting that would help with her career. According to Sibel Newsom, Weinstein was not interested in discussing her projects. He went into the bathroom, called her and began to masturbate. After that, he put the woman to bed and raped her.

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