Calculated the losses of world economy due to trade “war” the USA and China

Подсчитаны убытки мировой экономики из-за торговой «войны» США и Китая

The effect will be felt in 2021.

The continuation of trade disputes between the US and China can lead to the fact that by 2021, the world economy will lose roughly $600 billion. About it on may 28 reported in Bloomberg, the economists who conducted the study, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“If the fee will cover the entire trade of the United States and China, and the markets will fall in response to this, global GDP will lose $600 billion in 2021 — the year of peak impact confrontation,” said the economists.

According to them, by 2021 the negative effects of the trade war, the United States, China will continue to grow, and then decline.

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More likely to feel the impact of a possible new trade restrictions of the United States in Asian countries such as Taiwan, South Korea and Malaysia.

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