Calcalist: Police used spyware before investigation began

 Calcalist: Police used spyware prior to investigation

The Calcalist publication continues to publish an investigation into how the Israeli police used the Pegasus spyware developed by NSO.

This is reported by The Times of Israel.

A new Calcalist report claims police used spyware to spy on the activist, who was not suspected of any crime at the time. In addition, the police received and stored information about the activist's sex life in order to use it later as “lever” in a possible future investigation.

It is noted that the activist became a “target” due to the fact that, according to estimates, he could potentially commit “violations of the peace with aggravated circumstances”; and represented a “danger to democracy”.

The police used Pegasus, tracked down the activist's phone and found out that he was using the dating app Grindr, which is often used by gay men. The law enforcers read his correspondence and even informed their colleagues about the time and place of the activist's dates in order to spy on him.

interrogation, order the unit to prepare an interception warrant,” the activist's dossier says. and presented as the result of lawful wiretapping ordered by the court.

The police reacted to the Calcalist report and stated that “the described chain of events is unknown to the police.” At the same time, law enforcement officers expressed their readiness to investigate the case, subject to the provision of additional information.

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