Caesarea: Mamluk Underwater Treasure Found

Caesarea: underwater treasure of the Mamluk period found

An archaeological-maritime study of the Caesarea Antiquities Authority found a treasure at the bottom of the sea off the coast of Caesarea. Hundreds of coins made from Roman and Mamluk silver, gold and silver rings, decorative rare gemstones, eagle figurines, bells, and ship parts are all jewels that fell to the bottom as a result of two shipwrecks. Moreover, one ship went to the bottom 1,700 years ago, and the other 600 years ago.

An underwater survey conducted by the Department of Maritime Archeology of the Israel Antiquities Authority in recent months. In shallow water, cargo units of the ship and the remains of their fragments were found, at a depth of about four meters, on an area of ​​several tens of meters.

In addition, many metal parts belonging to the hull of a wooden ship were found at this place. including dozens of large bronze nails, lead pipes – parts of a water pump, and a large broken iron anchor, indicating a violent storm.

Among the treasures found was a red gem with an image that in Jewish tradition captured the harp of David, which is mentioned in the book of the prophet Samuel (16:23).

Director of the Office of Antiquities Israel's Eli Escosido says: & ldquo; The shores of Israel are rich in ancient treasures that are of immense importance to both national and international cultural heritage. Treasures are subject to dangers, which is why the Israel Antiquities Authority conducts regular underwater research to locate, observe and save antiquities. There are many sporting activities along the coast of Israel – diving, snorkeling, sailing on the high seas and boating, during which antiquities are discovered from time to time.

We ask divers: if you find antiques, mark this place in the sea, leave your finds in the water and notify us immediately. Finding and documenting finds in their place is of great archaeological importance, and sometimes even a small find leads to a large discovery & rdquo ;.

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