Cacti have replaced the snow on the mountain slopes of the Alps

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 Cacti replaced snow on the mountain slopes of the Alps

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Global warming is fundamentally changing the appearance of the slopes of the Alps, which locals are used to seeing as covered in snow.

According to The Guardian, due to climate change, cacti belonging to the Opuntia genus began to grow on the slopes due to climate change. .

According to local authorities, these atypical plants have been seen in parts of the Valais, in Sion, posing a threat to biodiversity.

allows other plants to germinate”, – Cantonal Conservation Officer Jan Triponez said.

According to the publication, cacti on some hills already cover up to 30% of the undergrowth. Italian scientists, following a recent study, reported that the Alps are currently covered with snow a month less than the historical average. This is said to be unprecedented in the past six centuries.

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