Cabbage juice is a good preventive of ulcers, inflammation and malignant tumors

Капустный сок является хорошей профилактикой язвы, воспалений и злокачественных опухолей

This unpopular at first glance, the product is able to surprise a number of advantages

As it turned out, the cabbage juice can be considered a panacea for several diseases, according to Сlutch.

What is the use of cabbage juice:

When losing weight

Cabbage juice is a popular diet drink as use it much more than calories.

Since it has a high content of dietary fiber, it helps to washout from the human body waste and promotes normal digestion.

Капустный сок является хорошей профилактикой язвы, воспалений и злокачественных опухолей


Have cabbage juice is very well expressed anti-inflammatory properties. This drink contains lots of amino acids, which are actively fighting with various inflammatory processes in the body, and especially with those that develop on the skin.

Prevention of cancer

Raw cabbage is a powerful antikantserogen: the results of numerous studies have shown that cabbage juice contains isocyanates, which speed up the metabolism of estrogens (female hormones), and thereby provide a good protection against malignant tumors of different types: breast, prostate, colon, stomach and lungs.

In addition, the juice from raw cabbage can help patients speed up the recovery process after the cancer disease.

Капустный сок является хорошей профилактикой язвы, воспалений и злокачественных опухолей

For a healthy bowel

Cabbage juice is just the perfect tool for maintaining intestinal health. It will become an indispensable assistant for those who occasionally suffers from colitis, as it contains chlorine and sulfur — nutrients that effectively fight inflammation colon.


Surprisingly, even acute ulcers can be treated with cabbage juice as it is very rich in vitamin U, can strengthen the inner lining of the gastric mucosa. Because of her gaps lead to ulcers.

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Cabbage juice is rich in folic acid, which is actively involved in the production of new blood cells and, as a consequence in the fight against anemia.

Previously, scientists said that the juice of parsley actively reduces waist size. Due to the folic acid in the composition of the green improve blood circulation, and the polysaccharide insulin normalizes blood sugar levels. Also the product restores the thyroid and adrenal problems which affect weight.

Lemon juice removes toxins, stimulates digestion, restores the balance of vitamins A, b and D, reduces the risk of developing diabetes. Flavonoids included in the composition of citrus, deprive the blood vessels of excess cholesterol, and improve metabolism.

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