ByteDance (TikTok) said to raise $1.45 billion for AI and content

The Chinese organization ByteDance, which created the well-known video application TikTok, has been discussing raising $1.45 billion for a brand new fund. This information was reported last Friday, with cited sources.


The brand new machine will supposedly help power the artificial intelligence, as well as new media content for the $75 billion startup. This has purportedly surpassed Uber’s evaluation subsequent to bringing up $3 billion in October.

The Chinese company has set off a forceful worldwide development that sees it combine the popular teen music video application together with TikTok, which has 100 million and 500 million total users, separately. This merging of applications has caused Tencent to raise the stakes in short music videos and Facebook to create a similar application to TikTok.

By 2021, ByteDance intends to have no less than 50 percent of its aggregate users from abroad, claimed author and CEO Zhang Yiming amid a discourse in June.

In China, an overlap of applications previously released by ByteDance, starting music video platforms, to an application that acts as a news portal. Have all been on the ropes recently with media watchdogs who are adding stricter policies for online content. The strictest retribution yet, was when ByteDance’s application Neihan Duanzi, which literally translates to “Implied Jokes”, has been charged by the government for containing explicit content.

Since ByteDance has been running for over 6 years, showing this gesture could help potentially ease relations with local authorities. However currently, ByteDance already has thousands of censor ensuring that their content does not deviate from China’s official policies. Although the company has been boasting about their AI precision to make personalized recommendations to its users.

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