By analyzing blood, you can determine the approach of death, – German scientists

The blood test can determine the approach of death, - German scientists

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German scientists have developed a technology that can predict death with an 83% probability. We are talking about special biomarkers in the blood, allowing to determine whether a person will die in the next 10 years.

Experts took blood samples for the experiment from more than 44 thousand people of European descent aged 18 to 109 years. Of these, 5512 participants died during the study. During the study, scientists were able to identify 14 metabolic markers associated with immunity, blood glucose levels, body fat, inflammation, and so on, writes the Daily Mail.

These biomarkers were combined into a test and compared with common factors such as body mass index, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, bad habits, and cancer or cardiovascular disease. As a result, the test predicted the participants' risk of death with an accuracy of 83%.

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