Buzova was told: at 40 you are an old grandmother, no one will marry you

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 Buzova was told: at 40, you are an old woman, no one is wearing you marries

Olga Buzova has said more than once that for complete happiness she only needs a husband and children nearby, she already has everything else. But so far she has not met a worthy chosen one.

Anita Tsoi subtly hints to her stage colleague that it's time to hurry up, because Buzova is no longer a girl.
Olya, listen to me. At forty, you— old grandmother, and no one will marry you. Seize the moment while you have skin, youth, color, buzz! Get married urgently!"

Tsoi emphasizes that Buzova simply cannot stop yet, as she is very ambitious. For an artist, this trait— beautiful, but for a woman this is not the best quality.

The main thing is not to miss the moment. Our achievements, earnings— it's all bullshit. Before God, when the most important moment comes at the end of life, we are all equal. At that moment, no one will need anything".

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