Buzova called Lev Leshchenko false name

Бузова назвала Льва Лещенко чужой фамилией

Buzova called Lev Leshchenko false name
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Photo: instagram.com/leshchenko_lv

Presenter and singer was embarrassing on a premium channel Music Box “Golden hit”.

Russian singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova was embarrassing on a premium channel Music Box “Golden hit 2019”. Not only that, she arrived one of the last, and incorrectly called after the famous Soviet and Russian singer Lev Leshchenko, reports kp.ru.

She appeared on the show right after it and decided to surprise everyone by singing the new hit “Here I am.” Before you sing the song, Buzova decided to praise a colleague on stage.

– I still tremble before every performance, and here such event. A great honor for me to speak after Leo valeryanovich Levchenko, she said.

The singer has already received two awards at the Music Box as a singer and “the girl in the style of Cosmo”.

This summer Buzova even restricted access to his page in Instagram after he had run into yet another scandal. The star posted the video, which licked the plate with the words “I believe”. For this remark the singer had to publicly apologize and prove that she “honors the heroism of the people who survived the war”.


Lev Leschenko on performance in Latvia: “What do I care, where to sing?”

Leshchenko and other stars have agreed to perform at the festival in Riga, which caused a storm of indignation from the producer of Valerie.

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