Buying an apartment in Israel: 3 main tips

 Buying an apartment in Israel: 3 top tips

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Real estate prices are constantly rising – it's not a secret. But in Israel, where the cost of housing has become staggering in recent years, it seems as if it is impossible to buy your own house. This is not true! Three main tips on how to buy an apartment in Israel and not go broke – says real estate specialist Marianna Reyzin.

Rule 1. Keep a close eye on the market

Yes, prices are rising, but even in this process there is a point when it is important to catch on as quickly as possible. Prices will not be lower than today, so the sooner the better.

Rule 2.Consider your apartment also as an investment

Even if you don't move into the apartment right now – this is a serious investment, and the cost of real estate not in the center is several times lower. In addition, the infrastructure of the periphery is developing at lightning speed and those territories that seemed inaccessible even 10 years ago are now – dream object.

Rule 3.Pay attention to the periphery

There are smaller towns not far from the central areas. They are developing rapidly, and housing prices, unlike the center, differ dramatically! For example, one of these cities – green, rapidly developing and favorable for life – Migdal ha-Emek. Spacious and flourishing city, is located in the Northern District of Israel, 30 km from Haifa, 10 km from Afula and 110 km from Tel Aviv. The city's developed transport system is considered a huge plus. You can easily get anywhere in the country by train, bus or private car (including the nearby highway).

Have a look at some of the accommodation options that can be found there.


This home is perfect for a small family or a couple. 4-room apartment, terrace – All this in an area of ​​100 sq. m in a well-maintained and clean house. In addition, the house has parking, mamad. And the view from the windows is amazing! You can buy such an apartment now for NIS 820,000

 Buying an apartment in Israel: 3 top tips


Spacious and truly stylish apartment. 5 rooms (145 sq.m.), 3 bathrooms. But, perhaps, the main highlight of this housing – gardens! 2 gardens (100 sqm and 80 sqm) – completely at your disposal. This home-like apartment can easily be yours now for NIS 1,980,000

 Buying an apartment in Israel: 3 top tips


The duplex is truly a dream apartment, because what could be nicer than coming to your own apartment? Come to the two-story apartment! This duplex has 5 rooms and 2 balconies (170 sq.m.), a separate master bedroom, 3 toilets and 2 bathrooms, as well as mamads and ample parking. Price now – NIS 1,260,000

 Buying an apartment in Israel : 3 main tips


This very cozy apartment has 5 rooms, which together make up 135 sq. m of living space: 3 bathrooms, shower, parent bedroom, air conditioning in each room, storage room, mamad and 2 parking spaces! The apartment is located on 5 of 8 floors, the building has an elevator. An additional and very important bonus of the apartment – large balcony with great views. The price of the apartment is NIS 1,290,000

 Buying an apartment in Israel: 3 top tips


3-room apartment (70 sq.m), in a neat building with a fresh renovation. 3rd floor, storage room, great location, all for NIS 540,000

 Buying an apartment in Israel: 3 main tips


Look what a stylish apartment! Apartment on 5 of 6 floors in a building with an elevator: 4 rooms (114 sq.m.), terrace (14 sq.m.), parent's bedroom, mamad, parking. Quiet, comfortable area. The apartment is within walking distance of educational institutions and parks. The price of this apartment is now NIS 1,240,000

 Buying an apartment in Israel: 3 top tips


Incredible duplex: 4 spacious rooms, 2 balconies, 2 bathrooms, 2 showers – 130 sq.m. Parking and mahsan are included. This is truly a dream home! Duplex is now only NIS 1,145,000

 Buying an apartment in Israel: 3 top tips


4 spacious rooms ( 94 sq.m), balcony (8 sq.m), mamad and parking. Only now for NIS 880,000

 Buying an apartment in Israel: 3 top tips

At all stages: from the selection to the complete registration of an apartment (including issues of mashkant and its insurance, as well as the services of a lawyer), you will receive my full support.

 Buying an apartment in Israel: 3 top tips

Buying an apartment will be a pleasant and very understandable process for you. Then getting the keys will be a real holiday! As, for example, one of our clients:

“Marianne, my husband and I are delighted! It is difficult to decide to buy an apartment in our time, when everything is so unstable. But you helped us, gave us such confidence that even such an exciting process became a real pleasure. Thank you for your help in obtaining the machkant and all your team of specialists with whom we worked in the process. You helped fulfill the cherished desire – now WE HAVE AN APARTMENT!!!»

Yulia Shulman

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