Business tourism is an effective tool for business development

Big business at every stage of its existence and development have to resort to different marketing tools. As to external (to external customers) and internal (to the company’s staff), which the organization functions.

Діловий туризм - ефективний інструмент розвитку бізнесу

Big business at every stage of its existence and development have to resort to different marketing tools. As to external (to external customers) and internal (to the company’s staff), which the organization functions. Economists of modernity in his writings strongly highlight the importance of the philosophy of internal marketing along with the external strategy. Because the internal environment of the firm exerts a significant influence on the further development and the company’s profit.

And that’s one of the tools that came to the benefit, both big and rozviduval business, which covers internal and external development vector of the company is business tourism. The company, which has aimed to stay and grow in the market, I realized that a change of scenery, seminars, meetings of different link managers for decision-making, what is necessary for maintaining a healthy corporate atmosphere and spirit, and that such events have a positive impact on the business as a whole.

Business tourism is the travel of staff members of companies / organizations for business purposes, or corporate events. Rob Davidson, lecturer in business tourism at London University of Greenwich, in his book described this concept as follows : “Business tourism is associated with people who have to travel for work. Thus, it seems one of the most ancient forms of tourism, when in ancient times people undertook travel for business purposes “. Turning to history, we can say that the world economy itself is a tool of business tourism appeared for a long time. Focusing on the Ukraine in particular, and all the countries of the Commonwealth in General, that of business tourism started talking since the 90-ies. It is from this period traces the development and access to the highest level of the entire infrastructure of business and corporate travel.

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The economic crisis of 2008 had a negative impact on business travel, but the industry is still being restored to its former pre-crisis positions, gaining momentum and evolving in a positive vector, as stated, the existing world Council for business travel and tourism ( World Travel and Tourism Council, WTTC ), which forecasts growth in business travel in cash $ 1589 billion by 2020.

Ukraine also occupies a good position, as a platform to hold business picnics national and international organizations. This trend is directly related to the increase in the quantity and quality of tourism infrastructure: an increasing number of hotels, especially 3-5 * star, they are most in demand ; completed major international airports, stadiums, etc.

Established the geography of business events for Ukraine is a big regional centers and regions. Such as Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk and loved by many for its climate and the picturesque views of Crimea. For corporate events the most profitable in the offseason, in the so-called “low” season ( autumn to early spring). It was at this period accounts for the largest number of business visnich events. This is understandable – the cost of hotel accommodation is reduced, and accordingly the end of the year – time for summing up the desire to encourage the best.

Permanent leaders in the consumption of services in organization of business tourism is the IT-industry and food sector. Usually do not regret the investment and banking sector, pharmaceuticals and international companies.

It should be added that this sector of business is having a positive impact on the host economy due to the receipt of funds in the budget through taxes, and reflects positively on the venue – it creates a positive image of the city, region and, thus, the flow receiving sides increases.Business tourism is a lucrative business, because most of the trips make it a large organization and, accordingly, it takes a lot of money. And even in times of economic crisis, the industry will be relevant. Of course, the possible decline in volumes, but without negotiations, raising the qualification seminars and congresses on the development of modern business can not do.

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In recent years the popularity of the event to acquire sites that are in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is also included in this list. Therefore, to attract investment, it is necessary to pay attention to the tourist infrastructure and transport system of the state. A recent example of growth in this industry we have noticed after EURO 2012 : was built a large number of hotels, airports, the transport system has undergone some changes towards improvements. All this is important in creating an attractive image of the country for foreign guests. And that stands out, despite the political and economic situation, Ukraine has a lot of orders of the parties for tourism in General and tourism in particular: the climate, the scenic and picturesque views, culture, cuisine, etc. it is only Necessary to make efforts for the comprehensive development of the system and our government in the future may become one of the most popular and common places of the tourist business trips.


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