Bus nearly hits a baby in the middle of the night in Haifa

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 A bus nearly hit a baby in the middle of the night in Haifa

A girl aged one year and 8 months was found early in the morning on February 17 on the street of Haifa alone, after apparently leaving the house on her own and almost hit under the bus. She was found in the Yad Le Banim area near her home and was immediately sent to the Rambam hospital for examination.

The hospital found that she was fine and the police began searching for her family. Some time later, the parents were found and the child was safely returned home.

Sergeant Yehiel Badash, a police officer from the Haifa Road Police Department, who was on duty at the time, was driving along one of the streets of the city early in the morning and noticed an unusual sight: “At 4:00 in the morning during a shift, I noticed a bus that turned and blocked the road, and I did not understand what had happened. Suddenly I saw that a little girl was moving towards the road – and the driver was trying to catch her.

“We immediately carried her to the corner, tried to call her and find out her name, but she was crying and was illegible – after all, she was a small child. We put her in the car, turned on the heating and did everything to make her calm down. We took her to Rambam because we didn't know how long she had been outside and it was very cold. Only at about seven o'clock in the morning the mother reported the incident to the police, she was taken away for interrogation, and it was decided to take the case to court. It is likely that the baby left the house alone in the middle of the night, and this is how this unusual event happened."

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