Bus driver sentenced to 15 months in jail for crash during IDF exercise

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 Bus driver sentenced to 15 months in prison for crashing during IDF exercise< /p>

On Sunday, a court sentenced a bus driver to 15 months in prison for a fatal crash in 2019 in which an 18-year-old recruit died during tests with an Israel Defense Forces paratrooper brigade.

Ron Oved was killed and five others injured when a bus drove into his tent during a test on April 11, 2019. The bus was parked on a slope above the tents where the recruits slept, in clear violation of IDF protocol.

Bus driver Ibrahim Abu Kaf, who was charged with negligent manslaughter, was sentenced on Sunday to 15 months in prison, as well as revocation of his license for 10 years after entering into a plea agreement with prosecutors.

According to Abu Kaf, he briefly left the bus unattended without applying the brakes.

The verdict was handed down by the Ashdod Magistrate's Traffic Court.

Moti Oved, Ron's father, criticized verdict and condemned the “useless justice system”.

“It’s hard for me to understand why the judge dragged this out for four years only to come up with such a useless plea agreement. The driver confessed, and there is no need to conduct such a deep investigation to understand what happened, – he told Kan, the public television channel.

The military's initial investigation, which was completed within two months, placed the bus driver and the company that hired him entirely responsible for Oved's death, holding the incident to be a car accident rather than training accident. No military personnel were punished for the incident.

The military police conducted their own investigation into Oved's death, finding that the initial investigation was severely inadequate. Two Brigadier Generals were reprimanded and a third was summoned to a disciplinary hearing.

A bus killed an e-bike driver in central Israel.

Near Monsey, New York, a school the bus crashed into the house.

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