Bus accident in Jerusalem: Egged did not contact the families of the victims

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 Bus accident in Jerusalem: Egged didn't contact victims' families

Five days have passed since the bus accident in Jerusalem, when the bus drove into a crowd of people, and the Egged still hasn't contacted the families of the victims.

This was stated by journalist Arye Erlich, Haruts Sheva reports.

“Five days after the bus” Egged" ran over Shoshana Glushtein and her two daughters, Khaya-Sara and Khana, and cut off the legs of a 22-year-old woman, families say “Egged” did not contact them. The company did not get in touch, neither to express remorse, nor to offer help. Lives have been taken and the apathy shown by the company responsible for this tragedy is appalling. “Egged, it's a shame,” the journalist said.

The company responded to the journalist's statement.

“Egged” is aware of the difficulties, pain and suffering of families who lost their loved ones in an accident. Due to their grief, pain and sensitivity, and also based on our accumulated experience, "Egged" avoids contact with bereaved families during difficult times. Insurance company "Egged" takes care of the families of the victims of the accident,” the message says.

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