Burnt Tel Gezer park to be restored for 4 million shekels

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 Burnt Tel Gezer park to be restored for 4 million shekels

Tel Gezer National Park, which suffered a fire, will be restored for four million shekels. This was announced by the Israeli government.

Large areas of the Tel Gezer park were burned by fire that spread from the agricultural land of the nearby Beit Uziel moshav. According to the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, no permanent damage has been done to the site's antiquities.

Prime Minister Yair Lapid, Construction Minister Zeev Elkin and Tourism Minister Yoel Razvozov have ordered funds to be allocated to Tel Gezer Park from budgets of their respective ministries.

“The ministries have worked together to ensure a quick and immediate response to the damage caused. Restoring the site after a fire broke out there is our most basic obligation as the government of Israel. I hope this place will be again will open to visitors and tourists in the very near future so that we can all enjoy the beauty and heritage of this place again,” said Yair Lapid.

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