Burkina Faso demands the withdrawal of French troops from the country

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 Burkina Faso demanded withdrawal of French troops from the country

The junta of Burkina Faso has demanded that France withdraw its troops from the country within a month, France24 reported.

December 2018, which regulated the military presence of France in the country.

It was previously reported that on Friday a demonstration against the presence of French troops was held in Ouagadougou, which was not the first such action.

Last November, a similar demonstration escalated into clashes with the police, when groups of demonstrators tried to break into the territory of the French embassy and the air force base in the capital suburb of Cambouance, where a French special forces unit is deployed.

30 September I am in Burkina Faso's coup d'état, removing Lieutenant Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba from the presidency.

The leaders of the coup said that President Damiba planned to use new allies in the fight against Islamists. Moreover, they do not directly name who these allies are, but human rights groups say that they are Russian mercenaries from the Wagner PMC, who are active in neighboring Mali.

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