Bubble on wheels: the Japanese have created a unique concept car

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 Bubble on wheels: the Japanese created a unique concept car< /p>

The Japanese company Asahi Kasei has unveiled the AKXY2 concept car, which resembles a bubble in the shape of a boat on wheels.

According to the press, the car of the future is ideal for picnics and walks.

At the same time, the concept car is equipped with the latest technologies, including in the field of safety. The creators used antimicrobial fabric in the cabin to protect the car from the spread of pathogens. The concept car is also equipped with a CO₂ detector that monitors the level of carbon dioxide in the cabin and maintains optimal air quality.

“Bubble”; – the transparent roof of the car, rises so that people can get into the car, and lowers. Thanks to the design, passengers can enjoy 360-degree views.

The car's creators describe it as a “living room” in which the driver and passengers can not only relax, but also know that they are doing good for the planet.

“This will be a place to hang out with friends and family, much like a home's patio,” the autoplay description reads.

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