Bubble game

Bubble game

Have you ever seen what a champagne cellar looks like? This is a series of pallets on which rows of slightly dusty bottles rest with their necks down. The sight is absolutely amazing. And if you also know how these bottles got there, how their contents were created, and what awaits them later – & ndash; the contemplation of the champagne cellar goes to a completely different level.

Champenois & ndash; This is the name of the traditional method of producing champagne wines, which, as the name implies, can be called champagnes only if they are made in the French province of Champagne, exclusively using the traditional Champagne method, from certain grape varieties and aged on the lees for at least 15 months.

Bubble game

Is it really only in Champagne that a drink is made, without which no solemn event, and even more so the New Year's meeting, can not do? Of course not. In some regions of the same France and other countries, there are wineries that have ventured into a long, complex, expensive production with two-phase fermentation, as a result of which Franciacorta is obtained in Italy, cava in Spain, and in Burgundy, Alsace, Languedoc-Roussillon and the Loire Valley & ndash; creman.

Precisely because of the painstaking and long-lasting process of creating sparkling wine according to the traditional method, the cost of champagne is never low.

What to do for those who love “ magic bubbles '', but are not ready to pay for expensive champagne ?

An army of prosecco lovers has the answer. Delicate, light, sparkling drink, produced in Italy, is made using the simpler Sharma technology. The trick is that secondary fermentation is not done in bottles, but in vats. This makes the process cheaper without making the wine any less delicious. Moreover, some even prefer prosecco over champagne.

So with what to celebrate the New Year? It all depends on the concept. The classic version & ndash; champagne. And at Deli Vino, a wine and grocery store in Netanya, you can find many varieties of different wineries and different prices. But you can experiment and present the guests with a variety of options: champagne, cremant, prosecco, lambrusco, asti and even petnat. Tasting & ndash; great fun on New Year's Eve. Not all are only sparklers to burn.

The question of style remains. Namely: brut or dry, semi-dry or semi-sweet? In general, there are seven gradations of sparkling sweetness, but these are perhaps the most popular. And the choice depends solely on your taste. If you suddenly have doubts, you can always consult with Deli Vino consultants. They know everything about wine!

Playing with bubbles

And do not forget delicious cheeses, thin glasses and caviar to the sparkling wine. Then the New Year will definitely be tasty and happy.
Happy New Year!

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