Brussels demonstration glorifies Palestinian terrorists

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 Palestinian terrorists were glorified at a demonstration in Brussels

Pro-Palestinian activists marched through Brussels wearing headbands for terrorist organizations and carrying banners glorifying terrorist figures.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the demonstration took place as part of " The march for the return and liberation of Palestine.”

“The march demanded the implementation of the return of the Palestinian refugees expelled from their homes and homeland, since the Nakba, the complete liberation of all Palestine from the river to the sea, stood in the firm support of the Palestinian people and its Resistance, calling for the release of prisoners and the defeat of Zionism, imperialism and the forces collaborating with them,” one of the organizers said in a statement.

Some participants shouted slogans calling on the people her throwing stones or shouting about the use of “bullets and rockets.” The demonstrators wore headbands demonstrating their allegiance to the Lion's Den terrorist group, which is responsible for several recent terrorist attacks and clashes with IDF soldiers.

“Participants welcomed Palestinian resistance, including Mohammed Deif leader of the Palestinian armed resistance in Gaza, and the resistance movement in Nablus, Jenin and throughout occupied Palestine, highlighting the legitimacy and leadership of the Palestinian resistance,” said the Samidun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network.

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