Brother of Kiryat Arba attacker freed under Shalit deal

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 Brother of Kiryat Arba attacker released under Shalit deal

The Israeli press has published new information about the terrorist Mohammed Jabari, who attacked in Kiryat Arba. Jabari, who opened fire with an M-16 and also shot at a medic who came to help the wounded, is a member of the Az al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas.

Four days before attacks, a terrorist who worked as an Islamic education teacher at a primary school in Hebron wrote a Facebook post quoting verses from the Koran. “Have you thought about how to get to heaven?” he wrote there, among other things. After the attack, the IDF measured Jabari's house for demolition at night.

The terrorist had terminal cancer. His brother Wail Jabari, previously sentenced to two life terms, was released from prison as part of the Shalit deal 11 years ago and deported to Gaza. After the attack, the brother told the Palestinian media, “If my brother became a martyr, it is in response to the crimes of the occupation in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem.” After the attack, fireworks were set off in Hebron, sweets were distributed to drivers, and shouts of support for Hamas were heard: “We are your people, Muhammad Deif.”

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