Brits travel hundreds of miles to buy a drink 10 times the price of a normal drink

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 Brits travel hundreds of kilometers to buy a drink 10 times more expensive than usual

The creators of the sports energy drink Prime Hydration, YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul created an incredible demand for it thanks to their social media followers.

Supermarkets quickly sold out Prime, and shoppers are forced to travel hundreds of miles and queue to buy the popular sports drink.

Wakefield Wines has begun supplying the iconic Prime Hydration, which contains coconut water, sweeteners and vitamins, and sells 10 times the bottle more expensive than their regular retail price.

The Prime team has warned customers that they are being “ripped off”. But people flock to the store to buy the hit product.

KSI was horrified to see a TikTok video of a teenager buying six bottles of Wakey Wines for £145. He said customers were being “scammed” and added: “Don't pay so much for Prime, just wait.”

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