Britney Spears is preparing to publish a bestseller: what the singer will tell

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Britney Spears is preparing to publish bestseller: what the singer will talk about

Fans are preparing for the revelations of the pop diva.

American pop singer Britney Spears, who through For 13 years she freed herself from the strict guardianship of her father, declared that she was writing a book, reports with a link to the Voice.

She announced this on her page in & nbsp; Instagram.

The 39-year-old star also declassified what her publication will be about. For example, the performer writes about the ghost of a murdered girl who “got stuck in limbo due to trauma and pain”:

“She doesn't know how to go into the world she used to know !!! After spending three years in limbo, she turned into a ghost that thrives on her reflection in the mirror !!! She has no one to whom she could trust, but something is happening, and she understands how to go to the world where her family is !!! Coming out of uncertainty, she must make a decision … Congratulate the same people who killed her, or create a new life !!! She no longer needs her mirror … She found the portal, constantly quoting certain prayers that give her illumination and the gift to no longer be afraid and get out of uncertainty, ”- intrigued Spears.

In the comments, users wrote that this is definitely an autobiographical book: & nbsp;

And this is a story about a girl named Britney & nbsp;

Sounds like a bestseller & nbsp;

Yes, Britney !!! We can't wait to read this & nbsp;

This is your story

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