Britney Spears Death Rumors Denied

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 Britney Spears death rumor denied

The American publication TMZ, citing a source close to Britney Spears, denied the rumors about the death of the pop singer.

Earlier, netizens analyzed the artist's social networks and concluded that there post old videos and photos. Fans were also on their guard when the paparazzi failed to photograph Spears in New York, although the celebrity had previously reported her arrival in the city. Another argument in favor of this theory was the behavior of Britney's parents – they flew to Los Angeles last week, so the fans thought that the cause could be illness or death of the performer.

However, those close to Spears said that everything was fine with the singer. She deliberately informed the fans about her arrival in New York, so that at this time she could safely spend a vacation with her husband in Mexico.

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