British woman who married a Ghost, complained about the difficulties of marriage

Британка, вышедшая замуж за призрака, пожаловалась на трудности брака

Now she blames the “man” in their illnesses.

Amanda Teague from Northern Ireland, who is married to a 300 year old Ghost pirate, got to hospital just two weeks “married life”. In the health problems, the woman accused her husband’s Ghost, reports the with reference to

45-year-old Amanda Teague were engaged with the pirate Jack dead in the 18th century, in January 2018. Then she said that her partner ended his life on the scaffold in the eighteenth century, and brought their love TIG to the pirate paraphernalia. The wedding ceremony took place in international waters, as in Ireland, denied entering into such a marriage. So Jack was able to take the oath, attended the wedding of medium.

According to Teague, soon after the marriage she began to show health problems because he was stealing her energy. In the end, she got the abscess and cirrhosis of the liver.

A few months after the wedding, Teague turned to the people who supposedly were able to communicate with the dead. Only after breaking up with Jack, the woman felt that her condition normalized.

What actually occurred health problems of the Irish, the newspaper reported.

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