British tourist shocked scientists

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 British tourist shocked scientists

Recently, a British tourist while on holiday in Papua New Guinea discovered three species of animals that were thought to be extinct.

Michael Smith, a 51-year-old holidaymaker, was talking to the locals when they told about a colorful bird known as the 'louisada pitta'.

The bird was described as resembling a robin and living in the lowland forests of an almost unreachable island. This greatly piqued Smith's curiosity, whose hobby is adventure.

Smith was wading through the jungle with a recording of a bird of a related species. Some time later, the recording he was playing received a response.

Smith immediately photographed the bird. This bird was later identified by scientists, and Smith was told that up to that point she had been considered extinct.

Dr. Ian Burfield, Global The official science coordinator for BirdLife International said, “It's great that the existence of the bird has been confirmed.”

Then Smith decided to go on an adventure again. And this time he found Telefomin Susus — a species of opossum that was also thought to be extinct after 1997.

Smith discovered this species while climbing a 1,000-meter peak.

In the mountains, Smith discovered that a local tribe was cooking an opossum. While this may seem distressing, since the animal was thought to be completely extinct, Smith confirmed its existence from the skull, writes the Daily Star.

Smith has made similar discoveries in the past. He discovered the WondiWoi tree kangaroo in 2018. The kangaroo was thought to be extinct because it had not been seen since 1928.

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