British military banned from filming prostitutes abroad

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 British military banned from filming prostitutes abroad

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British servicemen have been banned from military personnel overseas from filming prostitutes. This is reported by The Daily Mail with reference to the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom. Military personnel are prohibited from paying for the services of prostitutes outside their own country. “The UK Department of Defense is trying to combat unacceptable sexual behavior in its military,” the report said. It is clarified that participants in transactional sex may be fired or face prosecution. The initiative is called “Zero Tolerance for Sexual Violence”. It was developed after a report about the sexual harassment of British soldiers during military exercises abroad. “Don't ask me why it took so long, I'm the secretary of defense who has now taken over. There is another generation now. I was in the army in 1991 in Germany, but now everything is different,” said Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace.

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