British Foreign Secretary criticized for calling on gay fans to respect Qatar

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 British Foreign Secretary criticized for calling on gay fans to respect Qatar< /p>

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley has come under fire when he urged gay football fans heading to the World Cup in Qatar that they should make some compromise and be respectful of the host country. A senior Labor Party official called his words shocking. “In the past, I spoke with the Qatari authorities about gay football fans who are going to watch the World Cup and how they will treat our fans. They want to make sure that the fans are safe, protected and having fun, and they know that they will have to make some compromises in terms of what it is to be an Islamic country with a set of cultural norms very different from ours,” said head of the Foreign Ministry of LBC radio. According to him, the Qatari authorities are trying to make sure that people can be themselves and enjoy football. “And I think with a little flexibility and compromise on both sides, it could be a safe and exciting World Cup,” he said. Remarkably, homosexual relations are prohibited in Qatar by law. Cleverley made the announcement after British activist Peter Tatchell was questioned by police after holding a one-man protest in front of Qatar's National Museum with a poster accusing the country of jailing members of the LGBTQ community.

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