British farms are switching to robotics

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 British farms are moving to robotics

Small Robot Company (SRC), a UK-based agrotech start-up for sustainable farming, announces the launch of its commercial robotic services Per Plant Farming.

Pilot testing this season have shown that herbicide use can be reduced by about 77% and fertilizer – by 15%.

This is the UK's first fully autonomous crop scanning service and will be rolled out this fall to around 50 farms during the 2022-2023 growing season.

Powered by a robotic The system scans the field to understand where each plant is and what is needed to achieve optimal results. The system is light and reliable, the agricultural machine is able to stay in the field for hours under any conditions, while its light weight compared to a tractor significantly reduces soil compaction .

All data is then processed by an artificial intelligence system that generates nutrition and crop protection maps. This information is used to inform variable rate fertilization and accurately apply herbicides using variable nozzle sprayers with section control.< br />
“Due to rising production costs, farmers are experiencing increasing financial pressure. Up to 90% of capital investment is wasted, which is economically and environmentally unprofitable. Fertilizers alone account for a large part of agricultural costs. Robotics offers great benefits. Accurate monitoring alone can provide quick benefits by optimizing sprayers for herbicide and fertilizer application on the farm, — comments Sam Watson Jones, President and Co-Founder of Small Robot Company.

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